I wanted to reach out and let you know how amazing class was last night — thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am seeing such a tremendous difference in my flexibility and strength and overall mindset. So grateful that we found you. - Adele



It is said, life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. I have been given Roberta McGinley, the owner of Tadasana Yoga Studio. She has been my hot yoga teacher for almost 6 years. I emphasize teacher and not instructor because Roberta not only guides my physical practice but enhances my mental practice as well.  She has become a dear friend, mentor, and a role model.


In a 105 degree room for 90 minutes, when your heart throbs between your ears, sweat drips down your nose and streams down your chest like a broken faucet, and your clothes are drenched as if you just jumped out of a pool, Roberta stands strong and peacefully challenges you to silence your mind.  She says, “Change” in between the 26 posture sequence.  Although “Change” means to transition, this word has a profound meaning beyond class.


Roberta and her hot class will “Change” you.  She will test your limits and push you passed your breaking point.  She will energetically escort you out of your comfort zone.  She will remind you to breathe and convince you this was your choice all along.


She inspires me to take my practice off of my mat and into my daily life.  Daily life may not be 105 degrees, but the physiologically pattern is similar.  It all begins and ends in your mind.


What you give power to—has power over you—if you allow it. Listen to yourself more often.  Your soul knows what to do to heal itself.  Do your soul a favor and see Roberta. - Val




I am writing this in the parking lot before I leave so I do not forget the utmost gratitude I have for taking Corinna's class for the first time.


Her class was so timely this morning and I knew as soon as she started her excerpt of Dorga (spelling?!) my energy / my spirit was meant to be in this moment in this class.


Taking a class at Tadasana in Balance is more than just pushing the physical being, it pushes you mentally and emotionally and spiritually into a more beautiful light than when you entered.


I don't need to get into the gritty details of my darkness, but I thank Corinna for bringing me back to the light.


Namaste and I thank God for all of you at Tadasana in Balance. - Nicole




Hi! It has been so long since I've walked through the doors of Tadasana, but I still hear your voice/guidance when I practice. I have searched for YEARS to find a space and an instructor who could guide me in a way that felt like home, and I finally found it today. While I knew I was always craving something a bit different from the classes I could find in Colorado, I couldn't identify what it was until I had the great privilege to find someone similar to you today. It made me realize how unique Tadasana is, and how fortunate I am to have built my practice on a foundation provided by you. Thank you for all you give to your Tadasana community- it is truly special.


I have recently relocated from Colorado to MD, where the rest of my family now lives. From the looks of it on your website you seem to have found a new location and growth is all around. Maybe someday I'll make my way to NY and check it out. Congratulations for all you have built!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste - Cori Martin-Crawford



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