Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, training and guru's from all over the world. Each teacher has a unique story to tell but all have one thing in common their dedication to their craft and their students. Each teachers biography and training is available for you to see.  Each teacher is available to answer any questions you may have regarding their professional background.


We all hope to see you in class!

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Roberta McGinley

Founder of Tadasana Yoga Studio

200 + HR RYT / ERYT-500

My journey began 15 years ago when I decided to take a power yoga class at the local temple. I was blown away by the whole experience. I remember it like it was yesterday because it challenged me physically, emotionally and spiritually.


This led me to my teacher, Wendy Green. Practicing primary series almost every day in her  basement, mat to mat. Wendy pushed me and prodded me , she taught  me about life.. I learned about commitment and showing up, having faith in my practice and being present.


Some years later I found a Bikram Yoga Studio nearby and really fell in love with the 26 postures and the heat.


At the time I was a Living in NJ and running a Pastry kitchen at a busy seaside restaurant, so getting to my mat was essential for my physical body, and as I found out, my mind got quieter and my heart so full!


This led me to Jimmy Barkan in 2003 for his first Hot Yoga Teacher Training.  I followed up with Jimmy’s Level ll Vinyasa. Along the way I attended many Immersions with Baron Baptiste as well as his Level l training. Some other wonderful yogis who I am influenced by are Bryan Kest, Anna Forrest, Sean Corne and Shiva Rea.


It is a blessing to have Yoga in my life and be able to share it with others.


The practice of yoga has  made me a better person on every level. My spirit is brighter, my body is healthier,  and my mind is quiet and content ..  as I move into my 56th year on this planet  I know that my physical practice will change a bit and that is okay. I will continue to dive deeper into all that is yoga and move gracefully day to day.



samantha fulton

MPT, RYT-200

What is your yoga training and background?

Samantha is a physical therapist with a Masters Degree from Quinnipiac University. After completing the immersion teacher training program at Ananda Ashram, she received her 200-hour yoga certification. Combining her medical/orthopedic knowledge and studies with her ashtanga/vinyasa background, Samantha's teaching style is diverse. With alignment and safety being the main focus, Samantha infuses her classes with attention to detail, subtleties in common poses, breathwork/meditation, and lots of fun!


What is one of your favorite poses and why?

My favorite pose is sukhasana, or happy/easy pose. This pose is typically visited at the beginning and end of class, and for me, is the HARDEST pose. At the end of a physical practice, it is the culmination of the energy built by the previous poses. It is the "blossom of the lotus flower", or the fruit of your labor. The ego must be harnessed, the mind must have discipline to slow and quiet down. This is the point at which you receive the true benefits of yoga, which is union with the true Self. As a mother, I am constantly encouraging my 11 month-old son to walk, talk, and "do". As a yogi, I am constantly encouraging myself and my students, to sit down and shut up! After a while of practice, downdog may be easy…it's what comes after that's hard. That is why sukhasana is so challenging, and therefore my favorite pose. "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."


What does yoga mean to you?

Difficult to say what yoga means. In words? Listening. Perspective. Silence. Stretching (not just the physical body). Fun. Lifestyle. Friendship. Discipline. Spiritual battery-charger. Physical battery-charger. Respite. Divinity. Oneness. Community. Energy exchange. Love. Challenging. Being. So much more!



stephanie demartini

What is your training and background?

I first fell in love with yoga when I moved to the Hudson Valley from Brooklyn. I had always been a "gym rat" but once I hit the mat I knew that yoga was the discipline I needed and craved. As an experienced high school teacher I jumped at the chance to be able to combine my love of yoga with my passion for teaching. I completed my Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour training in 2013. I am a lover of all styles of yoga!


What is one of your favorite yoga poses and why?

Although it's hard to pick one asana, my favorite is vrksasana (tree pose). This pose is so important because it captures the sense of steadiness and grounding that a tree's roots must have along with the ability to be flexible and stand up to the elements. What a beautiful lesson to take off the mat with us. As strong and unwavering as we try to be in our convictions, an element of ease is essential for a happy life.


What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is a journey; a way of life. It allows a person to understand the connectivity in all things-- every one of us is on this Earth together and we affect each other in ways we may not see or understand. Through yoga, one becomes more in tune to the interconnectedness of all beings and I think that gives life purpose.




gabriel vazquez

Gabriel first became passionate about health and wellness during his last semester of college in a class that studied the Alexander Technique. He gained perspective on the seemingly endless potential the human body and mind have to achieve incredible things if they are treated mindfully, with care and with an understanding of  how to best use them.  Yoga had come in and out of his life before but now he understood just how important and useful this practice was. Since then he has slowly been working towards becoming a full time instructor so that he can spend as much time as possible learning and exploring this powerful practice.  Gabriel hopes to share everything he has learned about healing, growth and the vast human potential of any body or mind, to any and as many of those who are willing to listen.



Corinna Ricard- Farzan

Corinna was first introduced to yoga as a child when her mom taught her downward facing dog, child’s pose and the importance of self-reflection. In 2011, seeking to eliminate the negative thought patterns and subsequent stress she’d been living with, her regular practice was born.


Having experienced the powerful transformation invoked by both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, Corinna felt compelled to dive deeper. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2014 at the Yoga House in Kingston, NY and began teaching right away. Now in the process of earning her 500-hour certification from Satya Yoga Center in Rhinebeck, Corinna continues to immerse herself in the practice, soaking up all the teachings she can from the gurus in her life (human and otherwise).


While reminding you to treat your body right – if you can’t breathe or smile while holding a pose then back off – Corinna’s classes are meant to challenge you into surprising yourself and to surprise you into shedding the fear of trying something new. Yoga helps us tap into the unconditional love and boundless joy contained within each and every one of us and Corinna’s classes aspire to do the same.



Diane Lordi

PhD, RYT – 200

 After teaching in the classroom since 1972, I earned my doctorate in 2003 and became an educational leader in special education until my retirement in June 2016.  In addition I spent many years in the dance and fitness world since the early seventies, performing, teaching, and weight training variety of populations from children to adults. As much as I loved this work, I wanted to explore a spiritual path and continue my life’s journey as an educator on a deeper level. I began with studying Reiki under the tutelage of a Shaman, and I earned my Master level in Usui system of Reiki.


I continued my passion on my spiritual path Yoga at age 54 when my daughter Samantha gave an intro package to me for Tadasana. I was hooked after my first class with Roberta! Yoga and Tadasana have given so many gifts to me. I began to appreciate myself in stillness, mindfulness, breath, and most of all, GRATITUDE. I engaged in Tadasana in Balance Teacher Training in 2016. It was an incredible experience that created a new life for me! I feel I have much to offer and I am thrilled beyond words to be part of this beautiful family at Tadasana in Balance.






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