We LOVE beginners and have classes on the schedule suitable for every level of experience! From Restorative and Yin to Warm and Hot Vinyasa and Ashtanga, to Hot 26 and beyond, we've got classes that will allow you to grow and "explore the possibilities".


We encourage true yoga beginners to start with either a Hot 26, Restorative / Yin or Warm Vinyasa class.

Hot 26 is a great introduction to Hot Yoga. It's hot, challenging and will give you a vigorous workout. The pace allows new students the time to focus on alignment and get deeper into the posture (asana) with detailed instructions from the teachers.


The warm vinyasa and power vinyasa classes are not as hot and are designed specifically for beginners to get the foundations of alignment as well as intermediate students to move to what's possible in their practice.


Hot Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes will allow intermediate and advanced students to reach new heights.



Studio Etiquette

Here at Tadasana In Balance we are committed to maintaining an open and comfortable space for people to transform, grow and find complete self expression. For these reasons the studio finds it important to maintain guidelines on how we operate as a community with respect for the space and each other.


Our main goal here is for every student to have a mindful practice. We ask that you be courteous and respectful of your fellow yogis while in the studio.


- Please respect the studio space as a sacred room where silence is preferred as you settle in before class and as you complete your practice and leave the room.


- Please remove your shoes before entering the studio space.


- We do not allow cell phones and personal belongings in the studio please leave them is the cubbies and on the hangers provided in the lobby and the hallway.


- You will feel challenged, everyone does. Listen to your body and your inner wisdom. Please sit down and rest if you need to. Modify your poses as needed.


- Try to stay on your mat during class. Opening and closing doors and people coming and going can be distracting.  If for some reason you need to leave class early, (which is not recommended)  please do so BEFORE you are brought in to savasana (resting pose at the end of class) so as not to disturb the relaxation of others.


- Your final relaxation in savasana is an important part of your practice. This is where you get to relax and restore from all the physical and mental work you just did in class. Make a special effort to leave the room quietly so as not to disturb others and keep the peace and relaxation going until you have exited the room.


- We practice close together, be considerate of the people around you. Please practice with a towel. Try not to let your sweat flow onto other people or their mats. Practice good hygiene and let others experience your good energy rather than any bad odors.


- Please be aware of others waiting for the shower, We suggest a quick rinse (no longer than 5 minutes) to keep the pace as we only have one shower.



Classes are 75 - 90 minutes long. First time students please arrive 20 minutes early.  All students please try to arrive on time as the door will close when class begins. Wear comfortable clothes that will not hinder your practice. Drink plenty of water before you come to class. Try not to eat anything before practicing, if you must eat, an apple or banana is fine. Bring water, a towel and a yoga mat (mats and towels are available for rental and water is sold at the studio). The room is heated so be prepared to work hard and sweat.


WHY PRACTICE YOGA??? Well, it...

- promotes weight loss

- relieves stress

- increases energy

- builds, strengths and tones muscles

- expands lung capacity

- strengthens heart

- flushes lymphatic system

- lubricates joints and strengthens bones

- improves spinal flexibility

- eliminates toxins





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